A Librarian to Love, Carol Levers

One of ten chosen for the New York Times "I Love My Librarian" contest, West Wyandotte (KS) Librarian Carol Levers has a fascinating story.
Local Kansas City TV station KMBC reports:

Levers, her husband and two young children came to Kansas in 1989 to seek political asylum.

"My husband and I had to leave South Africa," Levers said. "He was pursued by the government for his views against the government. Prior to that, he was jailed for having on his person something similar to the Bill of Rights."

Levers continued, "They had death squads. They had names of people they wanted to eliminate. Someone tipped him off and told him, 'Your name is on that list.' So, we had to get out of the country."

They had two suitcases and no certain hope for the future. After spending time confined to their small apartment, Levers and her husband went out and found the library.

Levers first went to the library because it was within walking distance of her apartment. But the reason she returned was that every time she came there, every time she opened a book, it was an escape for her. Not only for her, but for her children. They could be safe, play with puzzles and just be children.

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