Librarian holds the title of Jeopardy champion and set several world weightlifting records


Not your average librarian Far from the soft-spoken, matronly librarians of yore, Savannah-born Carolyn Goolsby on paper seems more like a character from a fantasy novel than the approachable Fort McMurray Public Library director she is.

A world-record setter for weightlifting, a crafter of homemade mozzarella and beer and a former Jeopardy champion — yes, Alex Trebek is as nice as he seems — Goolsby could be a contender for most interesting person in the world.

The proud owner of a red Swingline stapler (the sign of a true Office Space fan), she holds a masters in Library Science from the University of Maryland and a bachelors in Music and Voice Performance with a double major in Theory and Composition, Goolsby says she is professionally in her ideal position.

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