Librarian's Efforts Bear Fruit

Story from Oak Ridge, LA:

She noticed the vine growing outside the Oak Ridge Branch of the Morehouse Parish Library this summer but never really gave it much thought. Just the same, Carolyn Files watered what she felt was a watermelon vine throughout the drought of this summer.

Files noticed a tiny watermelon growing amidst the flowers late last week. Arriving at work Monday morning, she was pleasantly surprised to see it was flourishing. Files said she and an employee of the village of Mer Rouge monitored the vine’s progress during the summer, never expecting it to produce fruit.


Wow. This is a story? Librarian grows watermelon?

I was going to post it as "Librarian Has Huge Mellon"

It's called a human interest story. Nice mix with the heavier more theoretical stuff.

A human interest story would be "Librarian kills ninja"

If the librarian used a watermelon that would be all the better.
"Librarian kills ninja with watermelon"

I would definitely post the story if an ebook was used.
"Librarian kills ninja with ebook"

Grammar question? Did the librarian use an ebook to kill the ninja? Or did the ninja have an ebook when killed?

I was not the person who initially questioned the newsworthiness of this story but now that we have opened the can of worms here is my comment. Would the twelve foot pampas grass I grew this summer be human interest worthy? Only so far in that the plant is so large you could hide a ninja in it.

Here are some of the ninjas I found hiding in my pampas grass that was grown by a librarian:

What is pampas grass? Good question.

Pampas grass looks like this:

Human interest story -- guys that grow pampas grass meet all the hot women.

Why would a librarian kill a ninja? Librarians are supposed to be helpful and supportive, even to their most ninja-like patrons.

Really nice story this shows that even small care for nature gives fruits

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