Lessons Learned After Twitter Blackout

Recently two librarians had their accounts torched by Twitter due to coming up in an anti-spam sweep. Their accounts were considered to have been false positives and it took time for access to be restored. Two librarians in particular, Connie Crosby and Patricia Anderson, were affected.

As an aid to others, Anderson has posted a lessons learned review. In light of the recent Gmail outage some lessons are worth considering in other contexts.


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How do you begin using twitter?

How do you begin using twitter?... an entirely clear explanation didn't appear to be there!

A link for you

The way to start is to visit this link: https://twitter.com/signup

From there you can set up an account and there are prompts to walk through.
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How to use Twitter?

I am working on part two to that blog post, which will include recommendations and best practices. Not enough hours in the day, I'm afraid. :) Thanks for the shoutout, Stephen!

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