Leaked List of British National Party Shows Some Members Librarians

This article states, "Members include teachers, librarians, solicitors, nurses and linguists," plus people from many other categories of occupations. More here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1087101/Radio-DJ-fired-BNP-teachers-police-lawyers-exposed-membership-list-leak.html The British National Party in UK, according to Wiki's s description, "is a far-right and whites only political party in the United Kingdom...The BNP asserts that there are biological racial differences that determine the behaviour and character of individuals of different races, although it does not regard whites as superior to other ethnic groups. The party claims that preference for one's own ethnicity is a part of human nature. Its publicity has often conflated Islam with Marxism, due to both systems aiming to put all the world's people under a common system, and has suggested that mainstream politicians with Marxist pasts are partially responsible for this. Historically, under John Tyndall's leadership, the BNP was overtly anti-Semitic; however, under the current leadership of Nick Griffin, the BNP has focused on criticism of Islam." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_National_Party


So the BNP is a completely legal political party - albeit some of its platform planks are repugnant (much as I find some of the US Democrats' platform positions). It has representatives serving in Commons and in other elected positions.

However it is acceptable to fire people from their jobs, even jobs as police officers, because of their political beliefs.

I am unclear, why is this OK?

Human rights legislation can make folks fearful. Even if you're doing nothing wrong as a business, the slightest possible of having charges brought against you can lead to such decisions. Lawyers aren't cheap and defending yourself is far more costly than taking seemingly irrational action just to inoculate your business or other corporate entity.

If memory serves, the bit of jargon that most describes this sort of tactic is "lawfare". I can only hope nobody was on the list improperly. This seems like a too simple trick to settle vendettas regardless of collateral damage.
Stephen Michael Kellat, Host, LISTen
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Ask your Republican leash holders. You know; the ones who are responsible for having the names of one million law-abiding citizens put on the no-fly, terrorism watch list because they wouldn't kiss the right-wing ass and continued to exercise their human right to a free flow of information. And which leash holders re-instituted cointelpro operations against law-abiding, grass-roots activism groups. The political arm of the American hate-wing that screams about "liberal" courts, judges, media, and elected officials as if it is, somehow, a crime in the U.S. to be a liberal.

However, I'm sure you have some kind of specious rationale for why it's wrong for elements on the Democratic/left wing to do those things that are commonly the purview of the Republican/right wing, but not wrong for these things to commonly practiced by political wing you insist must be blindly obeyed.

There is nothing that cannot be found offensive by someone, somewhere.

Can also get you fired in America. Just be the least little bit politically incorrect and your job will likely be history. I have seen people fired for just not being aware they were politically incorrect.

that your name is more than a little 'politically incorrect'?

The Association of Chief Police Officers has already declared that membership of the BNP is not compatible with the duties of the police. Similarly, I'd say that membership of the BNP is not compatible with working in a library environment where one has to deal with members of the public. There's no way I can see of someone providing the same service to a white person and a black person, if they believe the black person's inferior. Most people's political beliefs do not contain as a core element a belief in one group's superiority based on their pigmentation! There's no way round that, mdoneil.

Further to that, there's the role librarians play in the provision of information. Many academic and public libraries will contain a copy of (e.g.) 'Mein Kampf'. But they will also contain books such as Ignatieff's 'How the Irish became White' or Morris Beckman's history of anti-fascism in post-war London, 'The 43 Group'. Having as a member of staff a member of the BNP could influence selection of stock to either reflect their political ideology or to diminish holdings which oppose it.

Finally, there are no members of the BNP sitting in the House of Commons. Or in the House of Lords. There are some BNP councillors in local authorities - fewer than the number of Sinn Fein councillors, incidentally - and one member of the BNP sits on the Greater London Authority.

The AoCPO may feel that why but why is it legal to refuse to employ a BNP member? Do they do the same with Communists? Radical Muslims? Catholics? Left handed people?

You really think a librarian's political views could influence their collection development decisions. Really I find that hard to believe. Why does the my county library system have 217 copies of books by Obama, but only 14 copies of ObamaNation with 11 holds today -even after the election. Should the Democrat librarians be fired?

I do apologize for the error about the BNP members of Parliment I noted above. There are indeed none. I consuled a non-authoratative source online, a source that has since been corrected.

Oddly I can provide the same level of service to white and black patrons, Democtats and Republicans, Catholics, Jews, and Muslims. When I was a public librarian I provided the same service to everyone, and made collection development decisions based on previous circulation (to collect popular authors and subjects) and patron requests. I am certain other librarians can do the same.

Just to be clear, you think people should be fired because of their opinions. Is that correct?

sack all of them !

Although I completely disagree with the ideas put forward by the BNP, these people should not suffer any negative repercussions stemming from their political views. If democracy is to function as a policy-based representation of public views, then individual voters must have the ability to express their own individual beliefs. Variety of political ideologies creates a richer dialogue within the both the government and the public at large.

If society disagrees with the ideas of the BNP, then they should tolerate alternative views, not exclude them.

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