Las Vegas-area Editor's Patron Perspective On Self-Check

Andrew Kiraly, Managing Editor of Las Vegas-area publication CityLife, contributed a commentary to local NPR affiliate KNPR. The commentary takes about the technological muscle present at libraries and laments the increasing lack of human interaction at storehouses of human creative output. The four minute and twelve seconds piece can be streamed directly and directly downloaded.


The future goal of the library system I work for is to eliminate circulation (aka check-out) desks and staff and replace them with self-checks. There will be one small 5ft desk staffed with one person who will be able to help with account problems, fines & fees...but that's it.

We are cutting down the size of the reference desk & staff as well.....

This saves beaucoup bucks. The self-check is $20,000 one time expense...compared to the $10 hourly staff + medical benefits & 24 hrs paid leave...and at times I.A. costs. Far better an expenditure?

So then I wonder what is next? Audio books on CD instead of a real live librarian reading books & playing fingerplays for storytime?


Has anybody come up with the unbreakable self-check yet? Has anybody come up with a self-check that could survive a sustained pounding by a demented/cranky/malevolent child?
Stephen Michael Kellat, Interim Coordinator, LISNews Netcast Network
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