Laredo, Texas left with no bookstore


On January 16, Barnes & Noble, which owns B. Dalton, closed the store inside Laredo's Mall del Norte.

That leaves Laredo, Texas, population of 250,000, one of the largest cities in the United States without a bookstore


I am not surprised by this. Where I work, in Mount Vernon, New York, there is no general bookstores. There is a small christian bookstore. We are a large central library. There is a library, but no general bookstore. I am sure this is happening in many towns across the United States. You go to the library, or get in a bus or car to go to a big centralized mall, or order your books over the internet. The library becomes more important in a way because of this.

Nishan Stepak

Zhuara Rivera, an eighth grade student at Clark Middle School decided to collect signatures when she found out Laredo was losing its only bookstore. So far, she has collected 800 signatures, and the Laredo Public Library is doing something similar.

When I go to Barnes and Nobles and find a book that I like, I remember the title and author. If I do not want to wait for the book at my local library, I usually order it off of Amazon because if you pre-order they give you $5.00 off the book. If it is something older, amazon usually has it cheaper. 'Borders' and 'Barnes and Nobles' just cannot compare to the unbeatable prices Amazon is offering and therefore are loosing business. It doesn't surprise me when one of these stores closes. I don't want to pay $30 for a book that I can get for $20

Good riddance to B. Dalton. Maybe a locally owned alternative will be viable now. A small business owner may be able to offer a more community-specific service than cookie-cutter operations do, and might contribute back to the community in more ways than a national corporation's store would.

seriously i can't believe they closed the book store for good. some teenagers actually do read and enjoy it. i mean where do we get our books now??

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