LAPL Facing Drastic Cuts; Movement to 'Save the Library' Launched

Proposed cuts to services and other departments in the City in the face of a serious budget crunch means that many of our cherished, under-appreciated, and already under-served resources stand to lose a great deal. The Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL) is no exception, and in order to gather public support they have launched a "Save the Library" campaign. Currently the LAPL is experiencing a surge in usage as a result of the budget crunch most residents are feeling, however City Hall has targeted the library system for massive cuts: <blockquote>In a time when recession has increased library use for its FREE services, in helping the citizens find anything from a new jobs or their favorite DVDs, The Mayor wants massive cuts to the library - beginning with an 11% cut (more than most every city department) by July - followed by even deeper cuts. </blockquote> This means cuts to hours, branches closing, fewer hours of computer access, cuts or elimination of story time and other programs for teens and kids, no literacy services and other adult programs, and no new books brought into circulation.
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