LA's Librarians Demand Noise

Jodi Lampert who writes for the Huffington Post is seriously pissed that the LA Library is closing on Mondays. And here's her blog to prove it:

"For something to reach out and grab me, it has to have the effect of Changing My Life, and right away. Just say:

The Public Library is closing on Mondays.

Let's begin by introducing you to my first boyfriend. We began our courtship when I was three. His name was 'Rockville Centre Public Library'. "Three," you might say? How could a child really read at three? I'd learned to read at my grandmother's proverbial knee, backwards.

I used to ride my bike to the library in Long Island, NY, every Thursday. It was safe. I would check out the maximum. Six. I would put them into my bike basket, ride home, and then line them up in my drawer, BACKWARDS. This was the exact opposite order in which I wanted to read them. There was no deviation. Years of therapy clearly awaited me, but it was a beautiful love affair."

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I too began my love of libraries at the Rockville Centre Public Library. I remember it being in the basement of the town hall and then moved to its new home in a state-of-the-art facility when I was about 6 years old. It was a place to read, explore new worlds, and get all those papers done in high school (obviously before Google.) The librarians were accessible and knowledgeable. Thus I started off my children the same way while living in Georgia. Libraries are to be cherished - no where else can everyone enjoy equal opportunity on such a scale.

Wow!! That is so exciting to read your reply! We must be the same age. I remember those librarians in the Children's Library loved me (of course they did), but when I wanted to read books from the Upper Level, there was a little flurry of disapproval (they were afraid I would read the sex books, which I already had).

Thanks so much for responding,

Jodi Lampert

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