Kindle Publishing Now Open To All Blogs


One of the neat little sub-features of Amazon's Kindle is being able to subscribe to blogs on it. You have to pay for the privilege, but for heavy Kindle users, it makes sense as you can get the content delivered to you wirelessly for your favorite blogs. You know, like TechCrunch.

But the biggest limiting factor of this so far is that only the big blogs have been included in the blog directory. Starting today, anyone can make their blogs available via the new Kindle Publishing for Blogs Beta program.

All you have to do is make your blog's feed available to the Kindle Store, and Amazon will do the rest, formatting your content for the device. According to the email from Amazon, after a few easy steps, your blog should be up and ready to go in the Kindle Store after about 12 to 48 hours of processing. Not bad.

Full story at the Washington Post


And Amazon will, of course, be sharing the money they make by re-selling your content, right?

Good job on reading the story. You take time to make a snarky comment and you did not even read the story. Amazon is giving a cut to the content producers.

From article "these new blogs will get 30% of the monthly blog subscription price for every subscriber Amazon signs up."

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