Kindle patents lay out plan for ads

Kindle patents lay out plan for ads has filed for a number of patents that hint at ad-supported books for its Kindle e-reader--more specifically, a free or discounted ad-supported e-book for customers who buy the physical version.


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as if our lives aren't already filled with commercial messages

don't forget to take your pills - for impotence, heart palpitations, incontinence, crappy eyelashes, rheumatoid arthritis, stinky feet, depression, etc. etc.

I have a feeling that Kindle is going to get a majority of its advertisers from the prescription drug you really want to have these to pop up when you're deep into a life-altering novel or an exciting true crime?

terrible idea

You shouldn't have to suffer ads on your own electronic reader that you paid for, in a book that you paid for. Where does it end? Terrible idea Amazon!

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