Kindle Could Carry Advertisements

Purists take note: Amazon has applied for a patent that could allow it to embed advertising on the screen of its Kindle e-book reader.

Christian Science Monitor reports that the internet retailer recently filed two applications with the US Patent and Trademark Office. One is for "providing fixed computer-displayable content in response to a consumer request for content" - effectively putting content onto a website or mobile device.

While the prospect of seeing Twilight related merchandise advertised while reading Stephenie Meyer may alarm some, other bloggers have appealed for calm. Elizabeath Clifford-Marsh, at Revolution Magazine, noted: "According to the patent, ads will be served on an opt-in basis, but it is unclear whether Amazon interprets opt-in as a specific request or the simple act of downloading content." Bookseller.UK.


why patent something with such a generic description for a device which is already proprietary? it's just overkill and it's another example of our failed patent system:

"a system for product delivery to a mobile device through an environmental portal in response to customer request"

--- oooh, look at me, I just patented the fast food drive-thru window! McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's you owe me $50 million!

If the advertisements had a specific impact on price I would be OK with them. I would like there to be a regular version and an advertising version of the book. This would allow purchasers to decide if they wanted the ads or not. If the regular edition was $14.99 and the ad version was $5.99 I would probably get the version with ads. If all that happens is that a $1-$2 comes of the price and there are ads I would try to avoid buying those editions.

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