Kindle books for the iPod Touch


If you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch you can download the Kindle Reader app for free. With this app you can then read Kindle books on your iPhone/Touch.

To raise awareness of certain titles there are numerous books that are free for the Kindle. These are not just Project Gutenberg texts but titles by main line publishers. If you can get the Kindle app you have everything you need to access these free books.


Unleashing the Power of Rubber Bands

By Reason of Insanity

Fireflies in December

The Templar Legacy: A Novel

The books do not always stay free. If you have an interest in a book download it while it is free because if you check back in a couple days the book may have a cost.

To download; buy the book on Amazon like you would buy any other book. Add it to your shopping cart and checkout. Because the book is free the total will be $0. Then in your Kindle app you can go into you archived books and move the book over to Kindle app memory. The book is then on your phone or Touch so you did not need Internet access after that to read it. I have a iTouch so I only have access to the Internet when in a wi-fi hotspot. But once I have moved the book into the Kindle app it is in the iPod Touch memory and I can read the entire book without having Internet access.

They're also listed as free at the Sony store, so it's probably pretty easy to find them in other formats if you look for them.

If a publisher makes a book free at Amazon, it's usually free at the other ebookstores as well.

Thanks for the heads up.

My primary audience was those people that did not have a Kindle but have an iPhone or iPod Touch. They don't necessarily think they have an ebook reader.

To get the free books at the Sony Store you have to have a Sony eBook Reader. At the Kindle store you can have a Kindle or an iPod Touch/iPhone. Later this month Amazon is going to make software available for PCs so you will also be able to get the books that way also.

I was saying that when an ebook is free, it's usually free everywhere. You can read it on your pc, your portable device, your Kindle, your Sony, your whatever.

Amazon is one way to get ebooks. Until very recently they only allowed access by one country. I just feel it's a bit limiting to always have Amazon/Kindle posts that make it seem like they are the only option.

>I was saying that when an ebook is free, it's usually free everywhere.

People that have purchased a Sony Reader and have invested $250 or more on a device use the Sony Book site and see what is available there. The book that I showed a picture of is available at the Sony site for free. But for those people without a Sony Reader telling them that they can get a free book if they go buy a $250 device is not a lot of help. has free software for the iPod Touch/iPhone and they are not offering the book shown above for free. They have it but it cost $15.99. I looked at Barnes and Nobles and they have the book for free and Barnes does have a free reader for the iPod Touch.

I did not target people that have already purchased dedicated devices because those people know they have a ebook reader and they tend to look around and see what is free for their reader. People buy an iPod Touch/Phone for numerous other purposes and don't always think that they also have an eBook reader.

I really did get your point. You wanted to let people with an iPod/Phone or Touch that they can get free ebooks. I don't disagree with that, and it's nice to spread the word. I was pointing out that you don't need an ebook reader (Kindle, Sony or otherwise) or a $300 iPod Touch/Phone to get free ebooks. You usually don't even need an account at an online bookstore to get them.

I didn't want someone to say, "Oh, I don't have an iPhone so I can't get that" or "I don't have an ereader so I can't get free ebooks" or "I don't have an Amazon account so I can't get that."

As a non-American, non-Kindle and non-iTouch owning person I read a lot of articles and news bits that make it seem like people only have 1 or 2 options when it comes to ebooks. Personally, I usually only buy or download pdf ebooks so I can read them on my laptop if I'm in the mood. There are options.

Not arguing here. Just gathering some additional info. You say "You usually don't even need an account at an online bookstore to get them."

To get free books from standard publishers you almost always have to go through an online bookstore. (For books out of copyright you can use Project Gutenberg.) Where are you downloading free ebooks where you do not have to have an account?

The book that I was using as an example I only see available free at these locations:
1) Amazon
2) BN
3) Sony

Point two: A new 8gb iPod Touch can be purchased for $180. That is still not free but is significantly less than $300. A 32gb Touch is $278. I have a dozen ebooks, a handful of podcasts/songs on mine, and some pictures and have 7gb of memory sitting open. (That is on the 8gb model)

Thank you - I don't want to argue either. Free books should always be a happy thing. :) I know it's sometimes hard to tell online.

So, point one:

It may be that these particular books ARE only available from those stores. If so, that's very shortsighted of those publishers. Though to be fair I suppose it's the main place that a lot of people would go. I was speaking more in general, which is where some confusion might have come in. There are one or two places I check that have free books every month that aren't bookstores, but are from publishers. I also occasionally look at the free books posted at MobileRead ( They also have a wiki with suggestions for free books ( It may depend on what kind of books you like to read.

Point 2:

I have an 8gb iPod Nano and it's over half filled with music. When I get a Touch I'm going to have to get a 16gb at the very least if I'm planning on using it for music, games, apps, tv and books. A 16gb iTouch is $260 here, and the 32gb is $300. Plus 13% tax. I live in Canada, where our national motto should be: we pay more. (Though I admit the gap here isn't as large as I would have expected.)

Annoyingly, Canada's national book chain finally got an ebook store (Shortcovers) and it is focusing more on selling to people who use mobile devices like the iPhone or Blackberry rather than ereader owners. Also (of course) the books are more expensive. I think I may send them a note pointing out all of the free books that other bookstores have they they don't.

I guess it boils down to how lazy/inventive people are when it comes to getting books. I fall somewhere in the middle. If I come across mention of a free book that sounds interesting I'm willing to get creative in finding a format I want, but I don't actively look for them often.

Just out of curiosity, though. Will the pc Kindle software allow people to borrow library books through Overdrive? I gather it used to be a problem, but I'm not sure if they ever fixed it.

Kindle App isn't available in the UK

can you download books onto the ipodtouch without having a kindle?

Yes it is possible. You do not need to own a kindle to download kindle books on the iPod touch.

how do you download a book on the ipodtouch? i cannot seem to figure it out, i downloaded a book to my pc ,but cant seem to transfer it over to the ipodtouch. Reppy if you know how to download the book

You need to get the Kindle app for your iPod Touch. Go to the app store on your iPod Touch and search for Kindle. Download the Kindle app. In the Kindle app you can login into your Amazon account. Any Kindle books you have can then be transferred to your iPod Touch.

I've purchased a single copy of Atlantic to try reading on my iTouch. The normal way would be allowed within the online drop down menu, but for this magazine that option is absent. I've successfully downloaded it to my computer. Now how do I get it to the iTouch. I'm sure it will go on the Kindle but I want to try it on the iTouch as I do with my other Kindle purchases.

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