Kindle And Beyond: 15 E-Reading Devices, Apps You Need to Know


The Consumer Electronics Association estimates that about 538,000 e-readers were shipped in 2008, representing 235 percent growth in the market from 2007. While this week's unveiling of Amazon's Kindle 2 makes the device the hot item in e-readers, the Kindle's hardly alone in the expanding market for e-reading devices and applications. saved you the trouble of rounding them all up by taking a long look at what's out there.

See pictures of the Jinke, Netronix EB-100, Readius, and other readers you may not have heard of.

Slideshow here.


I am a proud owner of a Cybook Gen3.
The device is fantastic. The screen is HUGE and the contrast is great and readable! It is very thin. The navigation is easy. It has synced with mobireader without any problems. Booting is really quick (cca 20 sec). Moving the file is so easy as Cybook acts as an USB disk.
I already put several fonts on it.
The "eastern-europe" characters (?žš) work when a html file is processed through mobipocket creator as UTF-8.

It's the most versatile device on market. And best price/performance buy.

Good comment. Thank you for the information.

If you could answer some additional questions it would be appreciated:

How you loaded any PDFs? If so, how do they work?

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