Kick Ass Librarian: The Funniest Video About Librarians You'll See Today

So apparently you see the public library, our temple of shared learning, the repository of thousands of years of intellectual inquiry as a source of paper weights...

The Next Time You Need An Airplane Book Go To Borders Like The Rest Of The Sheep


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..."listen, you uppity condescending small-town librarian"...

There, fixed. She may embody many of the core values of our profession, but geez.

Like the Princess Leah hair doo.

But...she doesn't cite her sources--or tally the reference questions.

Funny Troupe

Don't like it

I don't think this does Librarians any favours to be honest.


That was awful. She's a horrible librarian this was distasteful and excruciating. I would have slapped this woman. She can't possibly have had any LIS education.

Um, alright.

Is this suppose to be funny? How does this help us? Hell, I'd cut funding for her library.

I thought this was great!

This reminds me of a lot people I went to library school with. I think it's a better portrayal of librarians, than say The Librarian movie, or the "librarian" in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

There's also no need to take it too seriously. This video is fun, and a few librarians I know also hate fun.

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