Keeping Current In IT Security

I have almost 300 feeds in my feed reader dedicated to security now. You probably don't need to read that much about security! If so, here's an OPML file:

If that's too much (and it almost certainly is) here are some recommended sources I think you'll find will keep you up to date in the field, and won't overwhelm you with too much information!

Recommended - Easy To Follow:

SANS Newsletters

Schneier on Security :

Naked Security – Sophos :

Security FAQs :

SANS Information Security Reading Room :

Scurity Now Podcast :

Recommended - More In Depth:

TechRepublic: IT Security :

Lenny Zeltser :


Packet Storm :

MOREnet Security News :

Root Secure :

Security Bloggers Network :

This was part 10 in my 10 part series on IT Security In Libraries. I'm also presenting this a few times this fall, I'll post those PPTs sooner than later.

10. Staying Current In The Field
9. 15 tips for social media security in libraries
8. Social Media Security
7. Practical IT Security
6. Integrating IT Security In Your Library
5. 20 Common Security Myths
4. How To Stay Safe Online
3. Passwords
2. Privacy
1. IT Security Foundations

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