'Keep Libraries Open' Poster

link to full-size version is here, http://i195.photobucket.com/albums/z213/effinglibrarian/keeplo.png

feel free to use however you wish.

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I like the idea, and what a shame that people care so little about the wealth of Libraries, or babies, or the financial mess we are in, or or or.....

If the Library was put back in her place of importance a lot of "criminals" would be changed for the better....

Yep, that's what we are. Not the memory of a community, but a halfway house. Not a community center, but a parole office. Terrific. Can I add that to my resume?

Even IF I had to post "Keep Libraries Open" poster in our public libraries here in Hawai'i, someone from the library staff will TEAR it off!!
Just to show you our state/federal funded public libraries here have become self-serving and privileged to our gatekeeping librarians and library administration culture!!
Why you ask?? Library and information science courses does not include user interaction communications.
We need more historians, writers, researchers as librarians who are more qualified of content rather than classifiers/catalogers!!

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