Jon Stewart: SOPA Will Drive Us To Libraries "Like A Common Masturbator"

Jon Stewart: SOPA Will Drive Us To Libraries "Like A Common Masturbator"
The Daily Show featured not one but two segments on SOPA last night, and with Wikipedia "dark," Jon Stewart had a dickens of a time figuring out just what the hell SOPA means. (What was he supposed to do to learn things, "go to the library like a common masturbator?") And so Stew-Beef reluctantly turned to the "notoriously unreliable news" for answers, discovering, to his horror, that this law could send violators to jail for up to five years for merely streaming copyrighted material.


It's about time people learn that they are breaking the law and commiting crimes from what they are doing online.

The potential prisontime etc is bad but it's always been the case that what people are doing is illegal, only now the big companies are actually doing something about it. As they should do.

The most valuable segment was comprised of the comments from the members of the Intellectual Property subcommittee, who essentially admitted that they didn't have any idea what they were talking about or what they were voting on. I believe that an honest poll of the entire Congress will reveal the same ignorance.

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