"JewBerry" Lets Observant Pray by PDA

Particularly if you live in New York City or another urban area, you might have seen Orthodox Jews reading or quietly reciting daily prayers from a prayer book while on a bus or subway or at a quiet corner at work.

Now it's been made easier, by technology of course. NY's Gothamist has a story on a new twist to the Blackberry for observant Jews: the "Jewberry".

Two Jewish entrepreneurs have developed software that can turn an average BlackBerry into a sacred prayer book. They've dubbed their upgrade "The JewBerry," and have sold it to over 10,000 customers for $30 a pop, according to the NY Post. Co-creator Jonathan Bennett explains the appeal: "Throughout the day, Jews gather in office-building stairwells and conference rooms to pray, and while sometimes you might not remember your prayer book, no one goes anywhere without their BlackBerry."


There's also Morning and Evening Prayer of the Catholic Church available for your iPod or MP3 palyer. http://sqpn.com/2007/07/02/praystation-portable-your-daily-call-with-god/ or http://moourl.com/m023x I believe I've seen Islamic prayer on iTunes as well.

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