It's National Library Week From Coast to Coast

We're smack in the middle of National Library Week, an occasion that Wallet Pop thinks is appropriate for giving your librarian a kiss (or other acknowledgment).

Across the nation, libraries are holding special events to remind people that even in this age of the Internet, libraries are still relevant.

One activity that I particularly like and can get behind is the concept of "Fine Free Days." The Craft Memorial Library in Bluefield, WV is allowing patrons to return overdue videos and books from now until the end of the month without being charged.

The Charles J. Keffer Library in Minneapolis is hosting a mini golf tournament on the campus of the University of Minnesota at 4 p.m. on Thursday.

In Indianapolis, Conner Prairie, a very cool historic village is giving visitors a $3 discount in honor of National Library Week.

And -- well, you get the idea. Things are happening. Wherever you live and read, your library is bound to be doing something special and free (and, boy, do we all like free), such as hosting a crafts fair or a story-telling event or showing a kids' movie.

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