It's Time: The Wristwatch Makes A Comeback

With clocks being built into almost every digital gadget and machine, wristwatch sales have seen a decline in the past few years. But market analysts say the centuries-old time-telling tool is trying to make a comeback.

Wristwatch sales are actually on the rise this year, according to June Rhee, the fashion watch buyer for the Macy's department store chain.

"The overall watch business and the watch industry have been experiencing an unusual growth this year ... it's explosive, and people who've been in the industry for 20, 30 years have never seen numbers like this," Rhee says.

Rhee says the watch has become the "it" accessory of the year.

Full piece on NPR

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I have about 16 watches, from cheap Russian models to Rolex and Omega and I've treasured the confused looks from teens when they ask for the time (many are too lazy to check their phones) and look into the analog face of history... "what do those sticks mean?" their looks suggest... and now watches are getting hip... damn, now all these kids will learn how to tell time...

no lie-- how many of you have pointed to a clock in your library and still had the kid ask, "but what time is it?"

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