It's School Librarians Month, It's National Library Workers Day...but What Does the Future Hold?

April is National School Librarians Month, and today is National Library Workers Day, bad timing for the American Association of School Administrators to report that 19 percent of school districts surveyed expect to cut librarians' jobs next year.

Rockwall High School librarian Nicole Redmond shows students in a family living class how to better explore resources on the Web in the library's computer lab.

Cuts couldn't come at a worse time, librarians and their advocates argue, because the close reading, critical thinking and research skills they teach are more important now than ever.

"The Internet and Google are wonderful tools, but it's all kind of a cut-and-paste mentality," said Gloria Meraz of the Texas Library Association in Austin. "There is such a fundamental need to continue to teach children to think critically."

Dallas News reports.


Interesting article (although not dramatically different from so many others I have read recently), but cringeworthy headline:

"Quietly, school librarians still make impact"

I cannot believe that 19 percent of districts are cutting librarians. Librarians have to prove the impact they are making in lives of the children. The example of the Rockwall librarian is just one of the many examples of great things that can happen in the library. I can't imagine a school without a certified librarian with a program to enhance the children's learning!