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Any librarians using an iPhone or iPod Touch as part of their library work? Any specific apps you run or recommend?


I use my iPhone to look up stuff from our OPAC when I'm helping patrons in the stacks, or to check the status of a book that they are having trouble finding when I'm not near a computer. I think that an iPad would work great (we use LibAnswers in our library) to record questions while roving, as well as to record patron counts. I've also used the WorldCat app on my iPhone to look up stuff for patrons when we don't have what they're looking for, and it (the phone) always comes in handy when the network goes down and we can't access our online resources from the campus network. I can from 3G though! I LOVE having my iPhone handy and would LOVE to have an iPad to use in our Reference department.

Just did a 60 Apps in 60 Minutes at SLA this week, probably a few good ones there you can use. The slides are on slideshare.

I am running a search now for those slides. If anyone has a link that would be great.

I use the worldcat app to find books locally that aren't in my public library's OPAC.

Multnomah County Library is using these devices for reference, getting out from behind desks and meeting people in the public space.

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