iPad Thoughts

Everyone has been chiming in over the last few days with their thoughts on the impact of the iPad on books and libraries, from Sarah Houghton-Jan's "favorite prostitute" comment to Jim Stogdill's interpretation of the device as a "distribution channel" (http://radar.oreilly.com/2010/04/the-ipad-isnt-a-computer-its-a.html). I took a new iPad on vacation with me last week, and here are my thoughts after a lengthy and intensive period of use: 1) great ereader, now we just have to wait for ereaders to catch on 2) game changer for comic book stores. Sorry, comic books stores 3) if you give a kid a device that they either read a static book on, or play 'gears of war', which do you think they are most likely to do? The 'vooks' that are currently out there are pretty trivial, although some emerging author will eventual make a wonderful thing... Full thoughts at the blog: <a href="http://library.blogs.delaware.gov/2010/04/14/ipad-thoughts-2/">http://library.blogs.delaware.gov/2010/04/14/ipad-thoughts-2/</a>
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