On the Internet at Work? Stay 'Appropriate'

A librarian from Mount Anthony Middle School in Vermont was recently banned from working in all Vermont schools for inappropriately using the Internet.

David Wohlsen, a prekindergarten through Grade 12 library media specialist, surrendered his teaching license to the state Department of Education earlier this month on the grounds that he "violated school policy on appropriate Internet use," according to an Education Department Web site posting.

According to the school district's policy, unacceptable use of the Internet is "threatening or obscene materials, antisocial behaviors like hate mail, harassment or discriminatory remarks, for profit or illegal activities, product advertisement, political lobbying, other non-academic uses and non-educational mailing lists."

According to a previous article in the Bennington Banner, Wohlsen had retired at the beginning of this school year.

The Rutland Herald reports.


there goes my ebay store, promoting e-book readers, books, snack foods, arguing with safelibraries or chuck, pretty much everything I do online...

I say "arguing with safelibraries or chuck" is work related. If your job involves intellectual freedom, and your arguing with safelibraries or chuck is about intellectual freedom, then it seems to me you are exercising your intellectual freedom and expanding your knowledge of intellectual freedom, and perhaps for you that should be a job requirement!

I'm certain the Annoyed Librarian blog at the Library Journal is okay. Maybe Chuck and I should get a joint blog together at the Library Journal. Hmmm. Any proposals on what such a blog might be called?


don't you have work to do at work?

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