I Hate You Library Patrons!

This is a rather old Best Of Craigslist post I just discovered: "I Hate You Library Patrons!"

So basically if you are a nice, well-mannered person, welcome to the library. I’m glad that you are here. I will bend over backwards to make sure that your information needs are met. If you are a jerk, a pest, a leech, or any other kind of pariah, I will go out of my way to make sure that you leave the building as soon as possible, hopefully with some kind of police escort. You've been warned.


Ah, I remember this from three years ago. It's just as good now as it was then, and destined to become a classic in the world of funny Library Science literature. I wish I could share this with my staff. Unfortunately, they fall under the woeful contempt expounded upon in the third to last paragraph.

but I didn't write it. I think the only part I disagree with is the writing down the call number.. I walk every patron to the shelves, regardless of how busy it is. If people didn't want to wait in line for service, they would have stayed at home. My motto is: "You are free to leave and not wait for my superior service."

Am I the only one who is finding that posting incredibly sad? It's all so bitter and after only 5 years?? I think this is a tragic indication of the underpaid and unappreciated nature of librarianship. That it can lead to insanely snarky anonymous postings on craigslist.

I'm glad I haven't had that experience, but I know a few people who are pretty fed up with their experiences in public libraries.

I only lasted a month before I felt like that, but it was management more than the patrons (at least the occasional patrons - the regulars were as annoying as the staff).

I want to meet the woman that wrote that and buy her expensive meals and drinks.

I've heard SO MANY comments from public librarians which pretty much mirror the Craigslist posting. I would agree that bad management makes these issues even worse.

mdoneil, you lasted three more weeks than I would have in a public library.

The original writer of this Craig's List post is looking back to the golden days of library usage. Unfortunately, we are all so desparate to get people in the door that we put up with, even encourage some of the stuff she mentions. I try to be patient and helpful, but it sure is discouraging that hardly anyone uses our small library for reading or research.

How much did i love this posting. Ditto to it all even though i am in the catagory of the "co-worker". She's right..we bitch about nothing. But at least you get paid a lot more to deal with the same annoying people, although when we can't take it anymore there is always the infamous, "You can go see the librarian". It's amazing though how despite all the rude and ridiculous there's nowhere i'd rather be working than my local public library.

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