How To Open a New Book

How To Open a New Book

...a document with historical significance? Found via The Dusty Bookshelf in Manhattan, KS.


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Oh my god - I was taught

Oh my god - I was taught this in elementary school and I still do it to this day!

I work in a library

I work in a library preservation office and there's a copy of this hanging on the wall.

no cutting

Note that these instructions postdate uncut pages. As a machine, the book keeps on changing!

Perfect binding

These instructions also predate so-called "perfect" binding, which would probably not withstand treatment of this kind without falling to pieces.

A Bookbinders View

While these instructions are correct for a hard case bound book that has been section sewn, I have told people how to treat books and they never listen. Even after they have just spent hundreds of dollars on fixing a book! Also this technique would not work with a "paperback". See Perfect Binding comment above.

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