How does Google's new privacy policy compare?

How does Google's new privacy policy compare?
The fact of the matter is, Google doesn't appear to be doing anything worse than what companies likeApple, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Facebook have doing for years. It's just that Google has taken arguably unprecedented pains to alert the public of imminent changes to its privacy policies and has made the new policy approachable enough for the average person to read it. (Or skim it. Or skim what someone else wrote about it after skimming it.)


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It doesn't seem that different. Yes, skimming the skimming. They've programmed us, these big sites we rely on daily...and we're jumping through all the hoops they (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Apple) want sort of like lemmings.

I kind of wish we (as a population) wouldn't jump on the 'ok, I'll sign' bandwagon quite so quickly. Do we realize what we're sacrificing or does it just make more sense to agree than not use a particular website?

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