How do you access LISNews?

I just want to throw out there a brief survey Survey closed as of 2037 UTC on December 16th as we have gotten more responses than viewable at our unpaid access level. The survey's purpose is to help ascertain how you reach LISNews most of the time. In light of the recent backslash issue, getting a feel as to whether people visit most through a feed reader or instead directly visiting the site makes a difference. When site software upgrades and/or changes happen knowing about such use patterns help with understanding how to serve the audience best. Questions are not specific to only the use of feed readers and also encompass questions concerning the podcast.


I visit directly, though I probably actually read it only about twice a week. Specifically, your site is in my "Morning Coffee" Firefox add-on.

I visit via I-google on my smart phone. However, I think it would be nice if you could do a mobile version of this site so I didn't have to scroll through all the rest of my google feeds. When I'm in the office, I usually check the website once in the morning.

I catch up via my google reader

Feed reader is my primary method, although I do come to the site every now and then to see what people have to say.

I pop in to the main site to check out comments periodically.

I visit daily directly-- one of my favored bookmarks.

I follow you on Twitter and catch you on the fly there - but also rely on Google Reader to read the bulk of the posts.

Here is a really simple and free RSS reader to help you track your feeds:

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