From House of Worship to Home of the Library

Cheryl and Chris Travis are the masterminds behind developing the Round Top Family Lbrary in Round Top, TX; Sterling and Marianne McCall financed it. In 1999, Chris spotted the derelict Hope Lutheran Church forlorn, in a farmer’s field. The once-proud structure had been moved there and became a hay barn. Though its original purpose was gone, the former house of worship still had the bones of a wonderful space, so did its decoration, like the tin plates that line its interior. This discovery propelled Chris to find a way to move the building from the field to a centrally located spot where it could serve as a library – its third functional life. Churches and libraries evoke similar behaviors. In each of these places, people learn to speak in hushed tones and behave with respect for others; and they both have traditionally served as community centers. Since the Round Top Family Library still looks a lot like a church, inside and out, the theory of behavior settings may, in part, explain why it’s so popular with the community.


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