Hawaii a natural place for Obama library site

Hawaii a natural place for Obama library site
Hawaii legislators are poised to urge President Barack Obama to choose the state where he was born and raised as the site of his presidential library. While Hawaii may be an underdog to Chicago for the selection, lawmakers should be satisfied if Obama rejects the traditional library in a way that could embrace both applicants.


...he actually funds it, considering his budget is strangling the rest of the meager funding from public & school/academic libraries. Oh wait, it will be a building with his name on it. Just another thing to stroke a politician's ego.

Talk to most Hawaii-born, U.S. citizens of a particular ethnicity with political power in its' state legislature and in Congress- they would most likely ask the inquirer what race they are before they answer the question of whether the Obama Presidential Library should be in Hawaii.
Culturally, in Hawaii, thats' what it is- when responding to a question regarding President Obama.
Maybe they are still insecure in trying to proving their patriotism and allegiance and use race as a cover.

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