Have an author you want us to interview?

With the start of a new year, I have to make a call for suggestions on authors to interview. A thread has been opened at the Erie Looking Productions site for this. Why there? Disqus lets me export comments to Comma Separated Values which I can then import into a spreadsheet program and create a tracker. Tracking down authors for interviews can sometimes be tricky which is why such a bit of case management is needed.

Some of our previous author interviews:
Piers Anthony
David Weber


dexter filkin(the forever war)

Hello there,
My name is Chase Brooks. I'm a published author with Xlibris Publishing. My first novel, "Hello, My Love" was published November 22, 2008. I'm doing all of the promotions myself, seeing as how I cannot afford a marketing/promotion campaign, which ranges from the hundreds to the thousands of dollars. I was recently featured on Weatherford's 89.5 QXFM on Books 'n Authors. I'm hoping that you would possibly be intersted in interviewing me? I would really appreciate it. Feel free to send me an email!
Thank you,
Chase Brooks
"Hello, My Love"

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