GWB's Non-Memoir out in 2010

Like many before him, the former head of state is writing a book...but rather than delivering a more traditional presidential memoir, he plans to explain twelve difficult personal and political decisions he has made.

According to Robert B. Barnett, the Washington lawyer who negotiated the deal with Crown on Mr. Bush’s behalf, the book will cover Mr. Bush’s decisions relating to Sept. 11, the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina. Mr. Barnett said Mr. Bush would also write about why he ran for president, his decision to quit drinking, his discovery of religious faith, and his relationships with his parents, wife and siblings.

Mr. Barnett said Mr. Bush began working on a draft two days after he left office. “He’s already written 30,000 words,” Mr. Barnett said. “He has no collaborator, but he’s working with his former chief speech writer Christopher Michel.”


Hmmm. A Non-memoir from a non-person. Sounds appropriate. Maybe Sarah Pallin will buy a copy.

R. Lee Hadden (These are my own opinions!)

Yep, LISNews is in the toilet. Why have substance when you have this crap in the comments.

Give it all time.
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Deciding who to pay to actually "ghost-write" this dreck was probably up there on the tough decisions list of our former Decider.

this actually sounds like a more interesting read than the average memoir, if he has the integrity to explain his decisions in an intellectually honest manner. Which I kind of doubt.

than an empty suit

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