Growing an Inner-City Gardening Program from the Ground Up

A conversation with kindergartners changed the course of Stephanie Gwinn's career three years ago. The Parkside Elementary School librarian in Grant Park was reading to students a book in which a character ate meat, a notion that struck the children as equally bizarre and horrifying. More below:


This article makes no sense. It starts out telling us that a book that has meat in it the kids find offensive. Then it mentions their favorite foods: chicken and beef.

Doesn't seem that books or school libraries are at all integral to this story. Sounds like a teacher pushing their anti-meat agenda on kids.

it sounds more a story about the fact that kids don't know where things come from.
That 'meat' is the raw stuff, not the things coated in breadcrumbs or in sausages.
Although it does have a more veggie slant on than it might need to, but then maybe they don't havethe ability to go to farms or abatoirs?

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