Graduates with a degree of anger at bill for overdue library books

Graduates with a degree of anger at bill for overdue library books: He said many universities would bar students from attending graduations over debts. “We want all students to be able to enjoy their graduation day, and permit students with debts to attend, but withhold their certificates until their debts are paid. Whilst it may be disappointing for a student, they are able to take a full part in their ceremony alongside their peers, in every other way.”


Gee, back in the anything-goes days at Berkeley, if you had any outstanding debts to the university--including book fines--you didn't get your diploma.

How have we sunk so low in the past 40 years that, if you have outstanding debts to a university, you don't get your diploma?

Blaming it on the library is crap. Sorry to use the language, but "BS" is the kindest I can come up with. And, as with the commenters, I'll bet she received earlier bills and ignored them--after all, what are they going to do? Withhold your diploma?

There's no story here. Just a scofflaw who bitches about being treated the same as everybody else.

I couldn't register one semester because I had 75 cents in overdue library fines. You bet I ran to the library to pay it becuase I didn't want to get stuck with all 8AM classes because I registered late.

nobody pays their bill these days, why should anyone start now?

I haven't worked in a library in a very long time, and I've never been a library director or PR person, but yes, I'm tired of libraries getting slagged for expecting fines to be paid and materials to be returned. If it isn't young women who just can't be bothered (story a few weeks back) it's students who figure what the heck, I'm graduating anyway.

Funny thing: If I don't pay my bill at places of business, they tend to object. And rightly so. Fortunately, that's not an issue.

I stood at the circ. desk of the U. of Michigan Graduate Library writing out a check for fines. Wearing my cap and gown.

True story.

Some places take it serious as cancer.

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