Gotta Keep Reading

A very cool <a href=>video</a> from the students at Ocoee Middle School in Orange County California. More news at <a href=>YouTube.</a>


i love gotta keep reading! My teacher Mrs.Costa at Hellen Caro elementary should me this I'm so glad.

On Youtube on the news story about the above video they said that Ocoee Middle School students use "I Gotta Feeling" by Black Eyed Peas to promote reading. They changed the words to "I gotta keep reading". One has to wonder if they had permission from the Black Eyed Peas to do this derivative work. If not we have a school promoting a copyright violation.

Of course I am saying this tongue in check and I do not want the kids to get leaned on but it does raise the issue of the oppressive nature of copyright law because it is quite possible that this kids broke the law to make this video.

you should have checked before just posting your comment- Yes, they did receive all necessary permissions. An excellent project following all copyright laws to the fullest.

Not so permission was given by the record label of the Black Eyed Peas

Not so permission was given by the record label of the Black Eyed Peas

If you watch the video all the way to the end, you see that they got permission... Careful what you post on the internet, since it does not appear in any way shape or form that the school is promoting copyright violation.

>Careful what you post on the internet

I was careful. I said it was "possible" that there was a copyright infringement. Possible is defined as: being something that may or may not occur

I should not have to define possible but you seem to have a very limited ability to read.

Not careful enough. If you had watched the entire video, you would have seen that they had permission. It's "possible" you just have a short attention span that you couldn't make it through the entire video.

Man you people are morons. The point of my comment was looking at how copyright is oppressive. I say I don't want the kids leaned on and I even say it is possible that there was no violation. Since you have no ability to look for the meaning of what I said I will spell it out for you exactly.

IF there had been an infringement in this case the label could have gone after the kids. This song is not hurting anyone. Why should the kids even have to get permission? Copyright is oppressive. Kids have to go out and get permission to sing a song about reading. Ridiculous.

How is it "oppressive" to get permission to use someone else's creative content? Content that you did not come up with yourself?

There are instances where copyright law can be oppressive. For example, as technologies change, it's hard to transfer content you have purchased in one format to another format because of copying restrictions, even though it is still for your own personal use. Another example, one I see every day in libraries, is the copying of materials in books. What constitutes copyright infringement in that case, one page? Three pages, the whole book? And are we, as librarians, responsible for that? Or are the patrons? Do we monitor what the patrons are copying and try to judge what is copyright infringement? Those things, I see as oppressive at the most, and at the very least, are concerns to watch for.

But this, I don't see as oppressive. The artists, and therein their record label, have to right to protect their creative content, their work product. The kids (or most likely the school) got permission to use the content. Simple as that. I don't see this as a springboard into demolishing copyright law.

Morons? Really? It resorts to name-calling. Lovely. You know what they say about the first side to sling mud....they've run out of legitimate arguments.

And kids don't have to get "permission to sing a song about reading". They have to get permission to use another artists music as the basic for their song.


I have been searching how to contact the record label to get permission. Many leads but all with dead ends. Does anyone have the contact information to get permission to use this song? We want to use I Gotta a Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas to right a motivational song for our state testing.

Black Eyed Peas are under Interscope Records, which is listed under Universal Music Enterprises on this particular website.

If you have a hard copy of the song, the recording label address should be printed on the CD liner as well.

This was a great project for this middle school. I know of several schools that shared it during thier reading week. It is great!!!! I wish I was that talented.

Do you honestly think the Black Eyed Peas care that they changed the words to "gotta keep reading?" Their song is being used to promote reading and literacy among children. This is great PR for the Peas!

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