Googler proposes '451' error code to signal Internet censorship, in honor of Ray Bradbury

A 451 Internet error code? Digital Trends has the details:

"Government-imposed online censorship has become increasingly prevalent over the past few years...When censorship does happen, we need a sign that clearly tells us that that’s the reason for a site’s inaccessibility.

Enter Tim Bray, a software developer at Google who has proposed a solution: a “451? error code that displays anytime you visit a site blocked by the government. The number 451 is in honor of late author Ray Bradbury, whose science fiction classic Fahrenheit 451, first published in 1950, warned of a dystopian world defined by government-imposed censorship (in the form of burning any house that contains books)."


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Not what Bradbury intended

Bradbury said that Fahrenheit 451 is about the effect of mass media on the reading of literature not censorship and that the enemy is not the state but the people. Is it right to assign a meaning that the author did not intend because it sounds good?

Same thoughts

I had the same thought when I saw this story. Good comment.

And not to mention

that some internet censorship is good not bad.
Unless you're a fan of kiddy porn etc

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