Google reportedly halts print editions of Frommer's guidebooks


Were we really expecting a different outcome? Several months after Google bought Frommer's to bolster its location efforts, Skift hears that the iconic travel guide maker has completely stopped publication of print editions as its focus swings to the online realm.

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Will this have any impact on your library? What do you think of this move by Google?


But then I think it's also a good thing really.
These books are out of date before they are even published. Even the newest edition will be 6+ months old.
They are wonderful books, don't get me wrong but the speed of change these days means that you simply can't rely on them for some locations such as capital cities.

The content was basically an overlap of Fodor's, and the DK guides have much, much better graphics.

There is always going to be a limit to what you can say that is different about the same places that everyone covers in major cities.

When I travelled to the US I used a mixture of books to plan ideas, but then I used the internet to actually look at things that existed then, not what the books said there was or when they were open maybe a year before.

We still have patrons who like to check out the travel guides in book format, but as long as Fodor's, DK, Lonely Planet, and Moon books are still around, Frommer's won't be missed too much.

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