Google Reader Has A "Library" Feed Bundle

While doing my homework for the Blogs To Read in 2010 List I noticed Google reader has a TON (449 currently) of Feed Bundles. "A quick way to add feeds is to subscribe to pre-packaged bundles. " I'm not sure how a site makes it into a bundle, but I'd imagine it means an increase in readership. The 10 sites list for "Library" is pretty good (LISNews is on the list, so it's gotta be good!)

The Shifted Librarian
Library Stuff
Tame The Web
The Ubiquitous Librarian
Librarians' Internet Index: New This Week
Information Wants To Be Free
Annoyed Librarian
Stephen's Lighthouse

There doesn't appear to be a way to link directly to the bundle, if you use Reader, hit "Browse for stuff" then "Bundles from Google" and "View all 449"


Hmmm -- I'm not sure I think highly of a promoted bundle of "Library" feeds that includes the Annoyed Librarian.

But 9 outta 10 ain't bad

Bundles can be a good way to share recommended feeds with anyone and they are relatively easy to create (I managed to do it so how hard can it be). First, you have to have use Google Reader as your feed reader - or at least have imported all of your feeds into google reader - even if you use some other reader.

Here's a bundle I created for Design and UX feeds:

You can search any engine for "how to create a bundle in google reader" and come up with pages that offer step by step instructions.


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