Google plans 'buy anywhere, read anywhere' offer


Google is poised to launch its "buy anywhere, read anywhere" digital books programme Google Editions simultaneously in the US, UK and Europe within the first half of next year.

Speaking at the Tools of Change conference in Frankfurt, Amanda Edmonds, Google's director of strategic partnerships, said the programme would be rolled out by June. Edmonds said one of the strengths of Google's offering was that once bought, the e-book would exist in a "cloud library", which could be accessed from potentially any device, including laptops, "smart phones" or e-readers. "As long as you can get onto the library, you can access it," Edmonds said. "All books will live in the same library, so it doesn't matter where you buy it or where you read it."

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In my opinion, the idea is positive because it will simplify the access for everyone who wants to read a book due to the popularity of Internet. Also the costs will become cheaper because there is no intermediary between the reader and the writer.

On the other hand there is the risk to loose the libraries tradition and many of them will have to close.

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