Google's New Secure Search Might Force Schools to Block Google

Last month, Google launched an encrypted version of its Web search, allowing users to enable a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection to encrypt their information. Like several other Google products that feature SSL encryption, including email and Docs, Google touted this move as a step towards enhancing users' privacy and security.

But as the encrypted searches mean that data cannot be logged, filtered, or blocked, Google's new secure search runs afoul of CIPA, the Children's Internet Protection Act. And with the service's beta release, many schools are now facing some difficult decisions in how to respond.

CIPA requires schools to monitor, and in some cases block, certain websites. And while filtering is not necessarily a popular tactic (the American Library Association and the ACLU have sought to overturn the law), schools and libraries receiving federal E-rate funding must comply.

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I did the search in secure mode and got a list of links. at that point, google is no longer in control or secure. I clicked on a link and it was blocked just like regular google... I get the same results for a "porn" search whether secure or not.. and if I click, I get blocked... so I don't know what's new, other than my search not being archived by google.

Are you in a school? What blocking software are you using? If you are not behind a filter this article is not directed at you.

I do a search for porn in secure google and get a list of links.
I do a search for porn in regular google and get an identical list of links.

but when I click on a porn link, the filter kicks in and blocks that site regardless of secure or unsecure google. our filter runs on the internet server, not on individual computers.

so maybe this applies to a form of filter that is not server-based?

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