Goodnight Opus

Today marked the last day of a well loved comic character and pop culture icon.

Berkeley Breathed published his final Opus cartoon today and everybody's favourite penguin went out in a very literary tradition.

And by "literary tradition," I mean "children's literary tradition."

In cooperation with the Humane Society, Breathed published a final Sunday strip in newspapers with a link to see the last panel online at the Humane Society of the United States.

Check the published strip via the link above, and then read the final panels. Truly heartwarming.


Don't try going to , though. I tried it before I left for church this morning and I still can't get in. It must be a little busy.

In a recent interview --, I think -- Berkeley explained that he sent Opus to a better place because the anger and incivility in American politics is just too much for a soul as gentle as Opus'. I will miss that sweet little penguin and his commentary on American life.

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