Give people time to read.

Blog post arguing that ebook check out times should be longer than 7-14 days.

Full post here: Give people time to read


it's up to each library how much time to allow for ebooks. maybe the demand is high at that library. but allowing "a month or two" to read is book just means that the author doesn't give a crap about the others in the queue waiting to read it.

Why have a que? Allow for simultaneous checkouts. It is a digital file there is no need to require a return with a digital file.

That is why the blog post is arguing for people to have up to a year to read the book. Certain publishers are only allowing 26 checkouts. If the are going to limit checkouts get rid of the ques and allow multiple people to have the file at the same time for extended periods.

You only need to worry about "returns" when the publisher allows for unlimited checkouts. With unlimited checkouts you want to control the file so you have shorter time limits and you do not allow simultaneous checkouts.

not even Amazon has these powers. libraries *buy* each ebook we lend and we are bound to very tight licenses which say we can only lend one book to one person at a time. I guess we could break the DRM and lend the book to everyone, but then that would be the last book we would ever be allowed to buy. also, I'm not sure which of our librarinans I would sent to the pokey when we got caught. you know, because what you suggest is a crime.

Yes libraries would have to negotiate the license to allow this. If publishers are going to come to the table with limits on how many times an item can be checked out librarians could come to the table with a request for longer checkout times.

If the publisher has imposed a limited number of checkouts why do they care what the length of the checkout is? Since the probably don't care once they have the limits they requested libraries should try to get something out of the deal.

Simultaneous checkouts are a great idea- however that is controlled by the publisher and not the libraries. Get the publishers on board and it might just work.

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