Getting Paid: With Harlan Ellison

When it comes to science fiction, Harlan Ellison is a living legend who wrote, and fought, his way to the top. He's known for being abrasive, cantankerous, and he's just as well known for being proud of that assessment. This is a man who not only sued AOL and the guy who posted his stories on AOL without authorization, his lawsuit was successful.

So Maria Langer, the author of over 70 books on using technology, posted this video on her blog. It's Mr. Ellison talking about the importance of paying writers. As you'd expect, he's vocal about getting paid for his work, and why not? It's his work and don't you get paid for yours? Be prepared for colourful language, invective, and righteous indignation.

In other words, be prepared for Harlan Ellison being himself and telling you exactly how he feels.


Oh gee, Harlan wants to be relevant again so he's picking yet another fight for attention. ::yawn:: Wake me when security has removed his sorry butt from the building.

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