Get That Book Deal: Three Books Tell You How


I needed advice before I tried to write a novel. The usual axiom — write what you know — wasn't helpful. I spend my days driving my older children to school and changing my younger one's diaper — not exactly best-seller material.

So I turned to experts. Three books gave me invaluable writing advice. One, by a best-selling writer; one, by a top New York agent; and one, by a guy who struggled for years to learn how to write a book and wanted to make it easier for the rest of us.

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"Baby Mama Blogging: when the real world and virtual worlds collide."

There's your book right there. Write what you know. How does online help real moms? What sites should real moms visit? How to "tweet" through toddlers and teething.

Hell, if you can't fill a book with that sort of crap, what kind of writer are you?

(yes, that's non-fiction...... so make your blogger mom a crime-solving detective!! who uses twitter to locate experts and witnesses!! ... okay, that sucks....)

If you ever doubted that books get pirated you can find the full text of the Stephen King book online. This isn't just some text file it looks like someone got a file from the publisher.

Run a Google search for: on writing stephen king pdf

Second link on Google is a pdf sitting on a Russian server.

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