Gale Grouses Over That Aggregator With A Corporate Home in Alabama's Mag Grab


An Open Letter To The Library Community
What you can do
Here are three things you can do to oppose exclusive licensing agreements:
1.Raise your voice. Join the Facebook group "Librarians for Fair Access to Content." Tweet. E-mail us at [email protected]. Call publishers and information providers and share your library's mission; tell them why these licensing practices are bad for libraries.
2.Pass this message along to other librarians and those who make decisions regarding your funding levels. Get others involved. There's strength in numbers.
3.Don't reward the behavior. Work with information providers who support your mission and understand your needs.
As the cost of licensing content increases artificially, prices will go up. If you worry about information costs going up, we ask you to take a stand.


GAIL? really?

That's bad, even for me

I guess it is a good thing we did not put into play a "post via e-mail" subsystem. Could you imagine the typos caused by SMS to e-mail gateway posts? Posts via iPwn would potentially be even worse.
Stephen Michael Kellat, MSLS

You need an apostrophe in "EBSCOs" too. It should be EBSCO's."

There is more than one way to fix something...
Stephen Michael Kellat, MSLS

I should've just left it "An Open Letter To The Library Community" rather than trying to be cute. That'll teach me