Fury as Gardener is Appointed Assistant Librarian

Library hiring can be problematic no matter the location.

In South Africa, concerned residents of Tzaneen in Limpopo have called for an investigation into the municipality’s decision to appoint a gardener as library assistant.

The residents claim the gardener was appointed at the Haenertzburg library though she does not have a matric certificate.

The gardener, whose name is known to Sowetan [ed- why aren't they reporting it?] reportedly attended interviews but did not qualify for the position.

But, the chief librarian of Haenertzburg, Mienie de Villiers, allegedly recommended that she be appointed. More from Sowetan.


"As long as the roots are not severed, all is well. And all will be well in the garden."

Free speech isn't the same right in other countries as it is in the US. I'm guessing the paper wouldn't publish the person's name because of defamation / libel law in South Africa.

See for example http://www.cyberlawsa.co.za/cyberlaw/cybertext/chapter12.htm - see especially section 1.3.

Stricter defamation laws probably doesn't mean that the paper can't publish the name of a gardening librarian, just that they need to be sure their story is true before saying so, and the guy they asked isn't saying.

This actually makes me appreciate ethics in journalism - the right thing to do is to not publish the story at all until you can confirm it.

... former Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton appointed one of his ex-bodyguards as Assistant Director of Libraries and another nice lady (without an MLS or any library experience) as Director. Good times.


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