Free Books for Needy Schools & Libraries

From Shelf Awareness: One publisher's mistake; young readers' bonanza.

Komenar Publishing goofed on a print order and wound up with "200% more product than intended." As a result, Komenar is donating 1,000 copies of the trade paperback edition of Heroes Arise by Laurel Anne Hill, an illustrated sci-fi novel involving "a quest across an alien landscape," to public libraries that have bookmobiles for underserved people or programs to bring books into schools.

For more information, e-mail [email protected] or call 510-444-2261.


KOMENAR Publishing and Malloy Printing came together to handle an overrun on a particular title. Neither "goofed." Forgive my sensitive feelings in this moment. Malloy and my company worked hard to make these books available and then to get word out. We believe in this solution to printing misfires over the usual tactic of pulping the evidence. We hope you agree and will contact us with information on your program and the number of books you seek. Several reading programs have already approached us and we still have more books to allocate.

It may be an old-fashioned sentiment but at the right time of year: We need to share with and care about those who are doing community work ... especially in an economy that has brought food bank donations to a standstill. Please let us contribute to your good work ... and let's not perpetuate the mistaken idea that anyone goofed here.

Thank you!
Charlotte Cook
KOMENAR Publishing

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