I should have mentioned this earlier, but if you ask, I'll email you a PDF copy of my blog book, or blook as they're called. Or is it blobogok? Wait, blobogok is Klingon for "Vengeance is a plate of tuna noodle casserole best reheated at 350°F," so that can't be it. Anyway, free PDF copy of Fame and Fortune blah blah blah if you email me.

That esnips link on the THE BOOK page only has about 109 pages you can download, but this would be the full 317 pages of stuff you already didn't want to read last year that I'm trying to pawn off again as something new and interesting. Yes, like reheated tuna noodle casserole. Which I happen to like. BLOBOGOK!

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When I first saw that, I was wondering if Mollom had missed something in its spam trap mission.
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