FL Supreme Court Begins Construction to Stop Damage

What substance does not mix well with books?

Water, and unfortunately, plenty of it has been seeping into the library of the Florida Supreme Court in Tallahassee for the last few years.

Now, safety fences are being built around the Florida Supreme Court Building as work begins to stop water seepage into the basement that destroyed more than 11,000 library books. By 2006, the water intrusion forced the library to discard 11,646 library books worth about $37,000 that had suffered enough damage that they no longer were usable. Court staff had to clear out areas of the basement, install dehumidifiers, and use water vacuum cleaners whenever there was a heavy rain.

Wonder if Katherine Harris was affected by the humidity there during her tenure as Secretary of State?


Birdie, don't pass up a chance to take a dig at Katherine Harris.

Katherine Harris wasn't effected but obviously the Florida supreme court when they tried to change the law.

The purpose of court systems in free countries is not to make or change laws. It is solely to interpret them to see how constitutional they are, as they are written, within the framework of that society's bill or charter of rights and freedoms. A court can rule that a law is so badly written if is unenforceable and enjoin it, but even the U.S. Supreme Court cannot order a law to be repealed. Only the legislative branch of a democratic government can change or repeal or a law that has been enjoined.

The problem with so-called liberal courts "making" laws, lies not in any fault of the court system, it lies in the stupidity of the legislators themselves who crank out one useless and unenforceable law after another for the purpose of saying to the electorate during campaigns, "See, I've been trying to do something." These same frauds will then be the first to bitch about "liberal courts", and their lick-spittles in the general poplulation will happily repeat the lie endlessly.

There is nothing that cannot be found offensive by someone, somewhere.

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